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Putting out the kitty hat: Support Meeks creating art and stuff...

Putting out the kitty hat: Support Meeks creating art and stuff

I’ve joined Patreon! If you like my art, please consider becoming a patron.

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riddledust: i did not realise how much i needed this picture in...


i did not realise how much i needed this picture in my life

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uglypinkmoose: drawingden: Digital PaintingAutodesk SketchBook...



Digital Painting

  • Autodesk SketchBook Copic Edition - This is the limited edition of SketchBook Pro with 72 Copic colours to choose from
  • Krita - Krita offers CMYK support, HDR painting, perspective grids, dockers, filters, painting assistants, and many other great features
  • GIMP - GIMP is a well known free alternative to Photoshop with similar features 
  • Mischief Free Version - With six essential brushes, a basic palette of colors and an infinite vector canvas, Mischief-Free is perfect for hashing out ideas, life drawing, and endless doodles
  • MyPaint - MyPaint is a fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital painters, and comes with 39 different brushes

3D Modelling  

  • Google Sketchup - Drawing-based tool for architects, designers, builders, makers and engineers who design for the physical world. SketchUp Make is a free version and SketchUp Pro is a paid version with additional functionality.
  • Sculptris - A free, introductory digital sculpting tool, a great stepping stone for digital sculptors, created by the makers of Zbrush.
  • Blender - A powerful application with full-fledged professional tools, Blender has a wide community and resources to help you learn.


  • Synfig - Synfig Studio is a free and open-source 2D animation software, designed as powerful industrial-strength solution for creating film-quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork.
  • ToonBoom Animate PLE Edition - The free Personal Learning Edition gives you the opportunity to learn all the features of Toon Boom Animate and Toon Boom Animate Pro.
  • EmoFuriEmoFuri is a new animation software that helps artists easily animate photoshop illustrations in a 2D-3D style! It uses PSD files of character illustrations to animate them.


  • Thisissand - An online fun and unique playground for creating colourful sandscapes, also comes in an app version
  • Flame Painter - A free demo of the full program, it allows you to try out the flame generator and change different brush settings and paint your own flame paintings
  • Silk - An online interactive generative art program that creates bright silk-like patterns, with options to change colours and rotational symmetry.
  • Bomomo - This interesting program has a group of dots that move around the screen in the pattern you choose, then paint the canvas according to when you click the screen.

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rgfellows: So, in my art history class today, my professor was talking about something that is so...


So, in my art history class today, my professor was talking about something that is so fuckin awesome.


These are warrior shields from the Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea. The warriors paint them with imagery meant to symbolize animals who have traits they wish to embody in battle. These depictions are intended to give the person using it the powers of what they’re depicting.

Now. Look at this Wahgi shield:


Hmm. That looks a bit different from the others.


That looks VERY different. Why, it looks like


The Phantom… American comic book character by Lee Falk. And that’s because it is.


The Wahgi people were isolated from the rest of the “modern” world until 1933. They came into contact with WWII service men who shared some aspects of western culture with the tribesmen. In particular, they showed them the comic books they read while shipped out. The Wahgi loved them. In particular, the Wahgi adored the stories of the Phantom, who wasn’t even particularly popular in its home of America.

He is so popular that the few Wahgi who can read english will read the comics out loud in the village center and hold out the pages for everyone to see, so the whole tripe can enjoy them and marvel at the Phantom’s might in battle.

They identify with the Phantom because he came from a jungle territory, like them, wore a mask to fight, like them, and came from a long line of warriors, which the Wahgi, who worshiped their ancestors, deeply respected. Further, despite not really having superpowers, the Phantom is strong, clever, and incredibly fast. He was so fast that his enemies began to believe that he was impervious to bullets and could not be killed.

Therefore, the Wahgi began painting HIM on their shields to invoke HIS abilities in battle. There are TONS of Phantom-Wahgi shields out there.

So, you might think that you’re huge comic book fan, but the Wahgi have taken their Phantom fandom to the next level and have made the Phantom a fucking talisman to carry into battle for strength.

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Big Nick and the Scottish Fold Face Kitten Thanks to tatterhood...

Big Nick and the Scottish Fold Face Kitten Thanks to tatterhood for letting us use her design!

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webofstarwars: A Starry Wars Night by Matthew Trupia If you...


A Starry Wars Night by Matthew Trupia

If you like this one, also check out some other Star Wars themed Starry Night art.

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Looking good never looked so goodFencing mask painted by...

Looking good never looked so good

Fencing mask painted by mikaspace

Photograph by tatterhood

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theartofanimation: Gary Laib  - ...


Gary Laib  -  -

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ursulavernon: Rabbitform after Kawase Hasui So I spent most of...


Rabbitform after Kawase Hasui

So I spent most of yesterday ogling the work of the master artist Kawase Hasui, who was declared a national treasure for reasons that are really freakin’ obvious if you look at his work.

(Seriously, go google him. I’ll wait.)

He did beautiful portraits of an urbanizing Japan. I am in awe. Each one looks like the background for a glorious movie, possibly by Studio Ghibli, but seriously, SOMEBODY make movies set on those.

Awe in me tends to lead to homage, and I have nothing more suited to put into such a piece than the odd little spirits that occasionally show up in my work. I still don’t quite know where they belong.

This is a view the field in front of the house, which is currently overrun with Queen Anne’s Lace, and the spirit is a little more akin to the Chatham Rabbit, which was once famous, than to the desert jackrabbits I usually paint. My local spirits are small and I do not always know what they want, but sometimes I feel them there nonetheless.

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